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Law Students

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Jaffe’s 10-week Summer Associate Program provides a realistic snapshot of life as a Jaffe lawyer and gives law students valuable first-hand training as they complete their law school experience. At Jaffe, law students engage in real world problem solving and are an integral member of their team. They perform valuable and meaningful work and have the opportunity to sample multiple practice areas early in their careers.

Jaffe summer associates can expect to participate in these types of activities:

  • Working with, not just for, other Jaffe lawyers.
  • Collaborating with our lawyers to solve the real-world challenges of actual clients.
  • Attending client meetings, closings, court hearings, and depositions.
  • Drafting corporate documents, pleadings, legal briefs, and research memoranda.
  • Attending social events, bar association meetings, and charitable functions.

The Summer Associate Program is designed to prepare law students for our New Associate Rotation Program in which new attorneys experience a variety of work in multiple practice groups as they move toward finding their perfect fit in a practical way that cannot be replicated in the classroom. Both programs are intentionally flexible so as to simultaneously meet the interests of the law student and the needs of the firm. Summer Associates are encouraged to work with as many different lawyers and in as many different practice areas as possible, as are recent law school graduates who accept an offer of full-time employment.

Because of our commitment to training the complete lawyer, our Summer Associates can expect to hit the ground running immediately. Summer Associates are assigned the same types of projects as first-year and second-year Associates. We are committed to teaching and supporting Summer Associates in a collegial atmosphere and providing instruction and mentoring by experienced attorneys of all levels within the firm. Maintaining an open-door policy is just one way that mentors make themselves available to law students and Associates. This program is a springboard for training future lawyers by providing broad and realistic examples of what it means to be a Jaffe lawyer. Many successful Summer Associates go on to develop their careers as attorneys with Jaffe.

For more information about Jaffe’s Summer Associate Program for law students or our New Associate Rotation Program for recent graduates, please CONTACT US.