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December 27, 2019 | Jaffe Law

Going Solar at the Siegal Household – payback and net metering

    This summer, I was approached by a number of vendors of solar panels.  Their offers were all very similar. Power your home, the Michigan Public Service Commission was getting ready to make a change in the State’s net metering program (more on that below) and they would finance our purchase so that we …

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February 12, 2019 | Arthur Siegal

Showdown Over MDEQ Review Panels?

As we previously blogged, Governor Whitmer recently issued two Executive Orders and one Executive Directive, all focusing on the environment. One of the Governor’s Executive Orders made a number of changes to the MDEQ. Citing the EO’s dissolution of two government panels and reorganization of a third, the Michigan House voted to overturn this EO …

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May 3, 2018 | Jaffe Law

Wisconsin Great Lakes Withdrawals Under the Radar

In the hew and cry regarding Nestle and its attempt to withdraw 400 gallons of water per minute (more on that in another post), I’ve seen almost no press regarding two attempts from Wisconsin to withdraw far more than that. Withdrawals of water from the Great Lakes are governed by the Great Lakes-St Lawrence River …

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January 31, 2018 | Jaffe Law

Want to raise taxes by $79 Million Each Year? Governor Snyder does

On Tuesday, Gov. Snyder announced a proposal to spend $79 Million annually on brownfield site clean-up, waste management planning, asbestos removal, recycling grants, water quality monitoring, and state park infrastructure. These are all laudable goals – but one has to question  – where is the money to come from?  The Governor wants to raise a …

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