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December 4, 2019 | Jaffe Law

Key Considerations in Obtaining Cybersecurity Insurance

Computer hackers pose a number of serious risks for any business operating today, including potential liability for data breaches, loss of trade secrets, regulatory fines and reputational damage.  Given these threats, it is critically important to ensure that your current insurance policy includes coverage for cybersecurity incidents.  Because cybersecurity insurance coverage is still relatively new, …

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July 24, 2018 | Deborah Baughman

Data Security for Retirement Plans

If you are an employer, there is a good chance you sponsor a qualified retirement plan, such as a 401(k) plan, and offer your employees coverage under a group health plan. These employee benefit plans maintain a lot of detailed personal information about participants and their families, including, names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, …

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July 1, 2018 | Shaunte' Wilcher

Email Marketing Guide: Compliance with PECR and the GDPR

What are the requirements to be compliant with PECR and GDPR? Email marketing communications must comply with the GDPR and the strict rules within the UK’s Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR). The GDPR does not replace PECR. Existing PECR rules continue to apply, but using the new GDPR standard of consent. The rules on …

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July 1, 2018 | Adriana Aguilera

Carpenter v U.S.–The Executive Summary and Analysis

Cell phones are an integral part of everyday life, so integral that when you feel for your phone in your pocket and notice it is missing, you may have a moment of panic. They act as a camera, watch, navigation system, and can help you quickly solve a debate with a Google search, easily conducted …

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