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COVID-19 Resource Center

Our COVID-19 Task Force is actively monitoring and analyzing the ever-changing environment to advise clients regarding potential impacts. We continue to prepare pertinent information for our resource center and hope you find it helpful. Please reach out if you have any questions or need assistance in understanding the myriad of issues impacting your business today and into the future. We hope you and your families stay healthy and safe.

Jeff Weiss, CEO

Reentry Resources

  • Reentry & Beyond Webinar. If you missed our live webinar, you can view the recording and presentation slides via the links provided here – webinar recording and webinar presentation slides. June 11, 2020.
  • Return-to-work best practices checklist. May 21, 2020. Read More.
  • Employment guide to help you navigate several return-to-work concerns and includes FAQs. May 20, 2020. Read More.
  • General business and industry safety protocols reference guide. May 21, 2020. Read More.
  • Patrice Arend, Jaffe Partner, discusses expectations set for employers and employees as businesses start to reopen in this video interview. May 12, 2020
  • Mark Cooper, Jaffe Partner, talks about insurance considerations in this video interview. May 8, 2020.
  • Nicole Foley, Jaffe Partner, talks about employee concerns about returning to work and what plans employers should have in place to meet safety standards in this video interview. May 4, 2020.

Perspectives by Topic


  • Businesses are following governmental orders and directions and, in some cases, are taking unilateral actions, some of which may result in non-performance of their contracts. March 18, 2020.  Read More.

Data Privacy & Cybersecurity

  • Protecting your company from vishing attacks during COVID-19. October 7, 2020Read More.

Economic Relief: Small & Mid-Size Businesses

  • PPP Compliance: What Borrowers Need to Know about the SBA’s New Necessity Questionnaires. November 5, 2020. Read More.
  • PPP Compliance: Here’s what borrowers need to know about PPP loans. September, 2020. Jaffe PPP Compliance Service.
  • PPP Flexibility Act: Here’s what PPP borrowers need to know about newly enacted changes. June 9, 2020. Read More.
  • PPP Loan Forgiveness Reference Guide: A summary of key steps to follow. UPDATED: June 8, 2020. Read More.
  • PPP Forgiveness Update: A summary of applying for and calculating forgiveness. UPDATED: May 29, 2020. Read More.
  • EIDL Loans Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) information, including use, eligibility, and application for small businesses. April 24, 2020. Read More.
  • PPP and other Small Business Loans:  Important relief for small businesses including the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loans, grants in connection with Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDLs), relief for other SBA Loans, and increased SBA Express Loans. April 24, 2020. Read More.
  • PPP & EIDL Update:  Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act: New legislation is under way that will provide qualifying small businesses with yet another chance to obtain financial relief in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic. April 23, 2020. Read More.
  • Mid/Large Business Lending: Loan program information including Federal Reserve Direct Loans and Main Street Lending Programs available to mid-sized businesses.April 13, 2020. Read More.
  • Localized Lending:  Local organizations and municipal governments in Michigan have announced plans to provide relief via loans and grants for affected small businesses. April 1, 2020. Read More.

Electronic Payments

  • Contracts for payment services are being significantly impacted by COVID-19. We explore some of the key T&Cs to help you understand how it may be impacting your obligations as a party to one of these contracts. April 28, 2020 Read More.
  • An increase in chargebacks due to the current environment leads to Visa, Mastercard, and American Express issuing guidance to assist acquirers, issuers, and merchants in navigating the dispute process. April 23, 2020 Read More.
  • Tips for ISOs, processors, payment facilitators, ISVs, money services businesses, and banks. March 25, 2020. Read More.


  • COVID-19 Employment Update: Mandatory Vaccinations and Quarantine Questions. Employment & Labor Partners, Patrice Arend and Nicole Foley, provide an essential update on COVID-19 vaccinations to help keep employers informed of their obligations and options. April 21, 2021 Watch video  or Read More
  • Jaffe Employment & Labor Partners, Patrice Arend and Nicole Foley, discuss COVID-19 vaccinations to help keep employers informed. February 4, 2021 video interview.
  • Legal aspects of returning high-risk employees to work in Michigan.  You can view the presentation slides via the link provided here presentation slidesDecember 4, 2020
  • Vaccinations Update: Can an employer require an employee to receive the vaccination. December 15, 2020 Read More. 
  • This comprehensive employment update provides new information recently released from the Department of Labor Final Regulations, Department of Labor Guidance, IRS Guidance, and Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order 2020-36. April 7, 2020. Read More.
  • Here is a guide to determining the 500-Employee threshold for the Family First Coronavirus Response Act. March 28, 2020. Read More.

*The DOL issued its Model Notice as required by the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. All employers are required to post this notice and keep it posted. In light of recent shelter orders, we recommend it be posted, at a minimum, on any electronic bulletin boards and/or employee intranet resources for access by employees. Alternatively, you may satisfy this requirement by emailing or direct mailing this notice to employees.


  • The EPA announced a temporary policy scaling back enforcement of environmental legal obligations during the COVID-19 pandemic. March 27, 2020. Read More.

Estate Planning

  • The economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic create wealth transfer planning opportunities. Don’t miss out. March 30, 2020. Read More. 

Family Law

  • With most of our lives on hold, many are asking whether plans to file for divorce must also be put on hold. The answer is-not necessarily. April 1, 2020. Read More.
  • Families have been wrestling with how to address parenting time exchanges and related co-parenting concerns. March 25, 2020. Read More.

*ICLE COVID-19 and Family Law Practice: Q&A with Susan Lichterman, Jaffe Partner

Financial Institution & Broker Dealer Insolvency 

  • The current volatility of the markets has raised concerns about the safety of bank and securities accounts. Now is the time to understand rights and minimize risk with respect to these accounts. March 24, 2020. Read More.

General Business

  • A business owner’s guide that highlights the current landscape and provides considerations and recommendations to help you make informed decisions. April 24, 2020Read More.


  • New International travel testing requirement goes into effect on January 26, 2021. January 19, 2021 Read More. 
  • The extension of drivers licenses will help Foreign Nationals retain authorization to drive in Michigan. July 2, 2020 Read More.
  • There is a presidential proclamation suspending the entry of certain students and researchers from China, which took effect on June 1st. June 2, 2020. Read More.
  • The USCIS has now cancelled all in-person interview appointments until June 4th. April 24, 2020. Read More.
  • The CBP will accommodate overstaying individuals who are unable to timely depart the U.S. as a result of COVID-19 related issues. March, 25, 2020 Read More.
  • The DOL announced that it will now issue approved PERM labor certifications electronically to employers and their counsel for the next three months. March 25, 2020. Read More.
  • The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has issued changes regarding US land ports of entry. March 25, 2020. Read More.

Insolvency & Reorganization

  • On December 21, 2020, Congress passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021, H.R. 133 (the “Act“), a spending bill that combines $900 billion in stimulus relief aimed at responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More
  • In light of the devastating impact that COVID-19 is having on the economy, it is likely that more small businesses will need to avail themselves of the relief provided by the Small Business Reorganization Act.  Here is what you need to know. April 9, 2020 Read More
  • Keep informed about the various provisions which temporarily amend the Bankruptcy Code. March 27, 2020. Read More. 
  • There is disruption to our economy that will be felt for months and likely years to come. In the event the crisis impacts your business, addressing issues as early as possible is important. March 23, 2020. Read More.


  • Mark Cooper, Jaffe Partner, shares perspective on insurance amid COVID-19 in this Corp! Magazine article, Will Business Interruption Insurance Cover Coronavirus-Related Losses? Experts Say the Future is Cloudy. 
  •  Are you looking at your existing insurance policies to determine whether they include business interruption coverage that might help to minimize the financial consequences of shutdowns?  March 27, 2020. Read More.
  • It is important to review your existing insurance policies to find out whether they might help to minimize the financial losses that result from COVID-19. There are different types of insurance coverage to consider. March 18, 2020. Read More.

Real Estate/Residential

  • Mortgage forbearance, foreclosure, and eviction related matters during COVID-19. Here is what you need to know. April 23, 2020 Read More.


  • Are you a partnership or sole proprietorship? The economic decline resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic could provide a planning opportunity. Here’s how. April 23, 2020 Read More.
  • Tax updates on filing and payments. March 30, 2020. Read More.
  • This is a summary of the material business and individual income tax provisions contained in the CARES Act. March 28, 2020. Read More. 

Michigan Executive Order Updates

  • State of Michigan Update: The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration
    (MIOSHA) has extended its emergency rules for six months: remote work update. April 15, 2021. Read More
  • State of Michigan Update: Department of Health and Human Services Emergency Order. January 22, 2021. Read More
  • State of Michigan Update: Department of Health and Human Services Emergency Order. January 13, 2021 Read More.
  • State of Michigan Update: Department of Health and Human Services Emergency Order. November 17, 2020 Read More.
  • State of Michigan Update: Governor signs a new Executive Order regarding mask clarification. July 17, 2020. Read More.
  • State of Michigan Update: Governor signs an Executive Order which extends declaration of emergency. July 15, 2020 Read More.
  • State of Michigan Update: Governor signs an Executive Order regarding the wearing of masks. July 10, 2020 Read More.
  • State of Michigan Update: Pertinent information regarding the Governor’s most recent Orders. June 8, 2020. Read More
  • State of Michigan Update: Governor Signs an Executive Order Regarding Use of Electronic Signatures and Remote Notarization. April 14, 2020. Read More.
  • State of Michigan Update: Governor Signs an Executive Order Addressing Requests Under Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act. April 6, 2020. Read More.

*Click here for all Michigan Executive Orders.

Task Force Members

If you have questions regarding any of the above updates or other legal matters, feel free to contact one of our COVID-19 Task Force Members:

Aaron Sherbin,  Arthur Siegal, Bill Sider, David Williams, Eli Maroko, Eric Novetsky, Jeffrey Weiss, Jennifer LaTosch, Mark Cooper, Mark Kowalsky, Mark Rubenfire, Marko Belej, Nicole Foley, Patrice Arend, Paul Hage, Trey Brice