Elder Law

Our Elder Law Attorneys go beyond the estate planning process to help families make sure loved ones are cared for, from the time of independence until they pass away. When a loved one gets sick, or is diagnosed with an illness, the fear of the unknown is overwhelming. Our experienced Elder Law attorneys employ a number of strategies to ensure that your loved one receives the care and help they need while being respectful of each families financial situation.

In addition to working with the aging population, our attorneys can help protect and plan for a child or family member with Special Needs. We know that the greatest fear every parent of a special needs child has is what their child's life will be like once they are gone. We strive to put those worries at ease by establishing comprehensive estate plans to ensure that your child will always have an advocate and protector of their rights and benefits.

Our experienced attorneys are devoted to helping families get through the disability process, the aging process, and finding solutions to long-term care problems.

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