Summer Associates

Our 10-week Summer Associate Program is intended to provide a realistic snapshot of life as a Jaffe lawyers. That means:

   - Working together with, not just for, other Jaffe lawyers;
   - Collaborating with Jaffe lawyers to solve the real-world challenges of actual clients;
   - Attending client meetings, closings, court hearings, and depositions;
   - Drafting corporate documents, pleadings, legal briefs, and research memoranda;
   - Attending social events, bar association meetings, and charitable functions.

The program is designed as a lead-in to our Rotation Program, which allows new full-time Associates the option of spending time in multiple different practice groups in order to determine which group, and which practice area, will be the best long-term fit. Summer Associates are encouraged to work with as many different lawyers, in as many different practice areas, as possible

Our Summer Associate classes are not artificially large; we have high expectations but do not treat the summer as a competition. Our classes are lean, and the reason for this is simple: each summer, our goal is for every Summer Associate to earn an offer for full-time employment. Our full-time lawyers spend substantial time teaching and working directly with our Summer Associates.

For this reason, our Summer Associate program is not a hypothetical exercise. Summer Associates are assigned and expected to complete the same types of projects as first-and second-year Associates. We are committed to teaching and providing enough support so that no person feels overwhelmed - but we also encourage, and hope to see, initiative and drive in our Summer Associates. We use the program to begin training future lawyers, and we do that by providing a realistic sample of what it means to actually be a Jaffe lawyer.

If you have additional questions about Jaffe's Summer Associate Program, or the full-time Rotation Program, please contact Jim Rose at