Mentoring and Training

Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss hires new attorneys into the Firm based on exceptional legal ability and quality of individual character rather than a need to fill a role within a specific department or practice area. As a result, our associates enjoy the full benefits of working in a large firm, the opportunity to experience different areas of law, and the ability to take the time necessary to find their preferred niche.

The Firm Offers New Associates:

Career Development

The Firm invests heavily in career development programs for our lawyers. We provide regular informal educational sessions that range from "nuts and bolts" programs at the practice group levels to more advanced in-house courses taught by experienced practitioners. Each Practice Group Coordinator participates in organizing a broad range of formal and informal programs on legal issues and skills, issues of practice management, and client development and retention.

Our formal education program consists of sessions covering a variety of topics including due diligence/overview of corporate acquisitions, negotiations, taking and defending depositions and much more.

Additionally, the Firm encourages its attorneys to present and attend out of office seminars related to the attorney's particular practice area or area of interest. We are committed to providing associates with legal and professional training and opportunities for professional growth and career enhancement. The Firm strongly encourages and supports community involvement and other pro bono activities.


The Firm has a formal mentor program. Once an associate has chosen a practice area, the associate has the opportunity to participate in the selection of his or her mentor. In addition to the formal program, we strongly encourage an open working relationship among attorneys of all experience levels.

Firm Technology

The Firm uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver efficient legal services. All associates, including summer associates, receive a laptop with remote access capabilities. We encourage attorneys to take advantage of the many and varied practice-specific software applications available, and the small group and one-on-one application training classes that are regularly offered.

In addition we have state-of-the-art presentation equipment available for use at meetings, seminars or in court.