Rotation Program

At Jaffe, we believe that well-rounded lawyers are ultimately better lawyers.  This does not mean we discourage specialization or expertise—it just means we don’t make you choose a path before you’re ready.

We also believe that lawyers who enjoy their work are most likely to be successful.

Our decades-old Rotation Program, unique among Michigan law firms, is based on these core principles.  It affords all new Associates an opportunity to “rotate” through—meaning, spend a significant period of time in—each of several different practice areas.  The most common path through the Rotation Program includes substantial time (roughly 6-12 months) in the Litigation practice group, and an equal period of time in the Corporate/Transactional practice group.  But each “trip” through the Rotation is unique, depending on the interests of the Associate and the current needs of the Firm. At the end of the Rotation, the Associate and the Firm work together to choose a permanent practice area.

The purpose of the Rotation Program is to help new, full-time lawyers experience different types of work—and different types of lawyers—in a way that cannot be replicated during law school or even a thoughtfully planned Summer Associate Program.  We believe strongly that there is simply no substitute for real-world experience.  Rather than force new Associates to choose a career path before they’ve ever practiced law, we believe the Rotation Program increases the chances that each new lawyer will eventually find his or her niche.

The Rotation Program is not mandatory, so if you know exactly what type of law you want to practice, you need not participate.  But if you are not yet prepared to make that decision—and most law students are not—you don’t have to guess.  You can figure it out after you get here—after you experience life as a lawyer for a while.

If you have additional questions about Jaffe’s Rotation Program for full-time Associates, or the Jaffe Summer Associate Program, please contact Jim Rose at